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Let us share with you why we will be your favorites...

With the evolution of jeans becoming a fashion necessity in every closet,
Cheviotto saw that women were limited to wearing rigid and unshapely
denim that were geared towards men’s working clothes. Giving birth to the idea of creating new styles of jeans that focus on a woman’s needs and desires.With highlighting the shape of every woman´s body in mind, Cheviotto
set out to create jeans that are versatile, flexible, sustainable and luxurious.
Lifting rear-ends, tightening the abdomen and keeping it all firm and shapely with our innovative new technology and flexible fabrics, making for a very comfortable and sexy fit.
You’ll soon realize that Cheviotto Jeans were made for you.


Colombian Jeans are also known as “push up jeans” and are well known for
the shape and fit and the incredible feel that it gives to the women who wear
them. They have become very popular in the United States in the last decade, prior
to that they were only known to be worn by Colombian and Brazilian women.
What makes our jeans unique and special are the incredible ways they fit to
your body as if they were tailor-made just for you.
They have an incredibly sexy fit that is different than any other jeans you have
experienced. They have a unique fit designed specifically to hug every curve on a woman’s body. This unique fit is the result of many years of research, experience and development from different textile manufacturers and designers in Colombia
who came together and focused on creating the perfect fit for today’s women.
With that being said, not all “Push-Up” jeans are made equal. You may find
many unsuccessful imitators under the guise of “Push-Up”, or Columbian.
Cheviotto has always been the original creators of the unique “Push-Up”
design. With our many styles, each made with precise, exquisite details and comfort, as well as the hottest trends in mind. You will find no desire to wear any other jeans.

When buying Colombian Jeans you should consider the following aspects:

1-    Rise: You can buy high rise, medium rise and low rise. The correct way to measure the rise is to measure from the 
       bottom where the seams meet to the top of the pants above the button. Low rise jeans are usually 6.5 to 7.5 inches
       approx. While high rise can go between 8 to 9 inches. But it all depends on the size of the jeans. Small size jeans 
       have lower rise than higher sizes.

2-    Pockets or not pockets: Colombian jeans do not have front pockets most of the time. This is because front pockets
       make an impact on the usual fit of the jeans. Jeans with no pockets are sexier and seductive, jeans with pockets may
       be more discreet. It all depends on what you are looking for...

3-    Belt size: Colombian Jeans with thick belt area tend to be higher rise. This design helps you build and mold a better
       waist. If you are working on your waist, this jeans are a good option. If you want to show a little bit more, a smaller
       belt area – low rise jean will be a better option.


The concept of “Push Up” jeans originated in Brazil and Columbia where it was created with a common notion of enhancing a woman’s curves, and emphasizing her feminine attributes, where it is much desired. Latin girls are known for having a positive outlook and appreciation for their bodies. They enjoy enhancing, sculpting and displaying their attributes with much confidence. That is why Cheviotto has been very popular and much sought after in Latin America. However, our jeans are not only limited to Latin America as is evident from its application on bigger stages, not only for the purpose of up-lifting your shape, but also as an alternative to
expensive body reshaping tools.
Here are a few reasons why you should start wearing the Columbian butt lift jeans:



How would you like to enhance your shape instantly without the daily grueling
work-outs?. Well, this novel and innovative technology has become a popular choice
among many women who want to achieve just that. A great pair of Columbian “Push-Up” jeans is an excellent way to contour your
lower body in a manner that you have always dreamt of, with instant results.
These jeans have a unique build-up that provides a smooth contouring effect on the waistline, thighs and hips, allowing your body to be shaped and
enhanced in a unique way.
It works on the mechanism of pressure application to the lower part of your waist which gives a curvy appearance to your body and enhances the overall look of your body structure. 
Most celebrities have been known to wear such jeans to look good on camera
and now you too can achieve this look for yourself. Regardless of your shape, size or age, these jeans are a perfect fit for anyone
who wants to restructure their curves and enhance their body with an instant
lift transformation.



Think about all the trouble and money you can save, which you would have otherwise spent on workouts, supplements and personal trainers to get that curvy look.  You can have instant transformation of your body shape at a reasonable price anywhere between $30 and $100. What's more, you have the flexibility to choose from various shades and colors, with different designs coming out every month.

The best thing about these pair of jeans is that nobody will be able to decipher – whether you are wearing the regular denim or the butt lifting ones. It gives your body a natural tummy tuck effect, while also being stylish in appearance, so purchase Colombian butt lift jeans today and see the difference they can make!


Butt lift jeans are not at all about tightening your body in order to make the outward appearance attractive. It has an extra layer of fabric with extra stitches in the pocket as well as on the sides.  To ensure comfortable wear for all sorts of bodies, the butt lift jeans are made of a special category of denim spandex that gives a cushioning effect on the areas targeted for achieving the required curvature.  The back has special cuts and stitches that allow for instant butt lift, while also having a contour effect on the same.  You can wear them like your regular denim jeans as they are easy to put on and pull off.



Brazilian women are renowned for having great butts. So whats the secret to look amazing in their jeans? With the latest technology in fabric and design you, too, can achieve the desired round booty giving your feminine curves a lift, while flattening the tummy.  

A pair of push up jeans that enhance your figure and give the bottom a nice round shape while providing a sleek contouring effect on the hips. 

The designs are unique,sexy and feminine.  We continually add new and excitings styles for your pleasure. 

These jeans will surpass your expectations of a perfect fit.


Colombians are similar to push up jeans in that they reveal your figure more than any other jeans. These jeans exist to make any women who wears them feel confident as it focuses on women’s beautiful curves. Let us explain why these jeans are a must in every women’s closet.

Just like how every woman’s body is shaped differently, jeans are also different when it comes to sizing fit and comfort. Some choices of push up jeans include high waist, skinny, boot, but Colombian jeans are the best when it comes to accentuating your booty.

To explain the basic designs of Colombian jeans, most of them are made with very skinny thighs, slim waist and curves. Most Latinas love this style because it fits them well and shows their curves better than other type of jeans.


#1 Colombian Jeans Hug Your Beautiful Body

Recently, athleisure category basically fluttered the market and jeans took a back seat. However, according to Detroit News, jeans are making a come back and it is coming back stronger than ever. Some girls have been doing the boyfriend jeans for awhile but we expect this trend to come up even further than now.

Colombian jeans will do an even better job than boyfriend jeans in accentuating women’s curves. Even though you may feel discomfort at first because it may feel tight on you, after awhile with a good stretchy type of denim, you will feel even better than before because of the support.

They accompany the push up tech for the behind, thin the abdomen and the thighs and flavor

up your look. So why have a couple of push up pants? Bends, that is the reason!. The fabrics

feel more comfortable than any other pair of jeans and they stretch enough to allow you to do


#2 Colombian Jeans Maintain Your Wardrobe Updated

The design patterns travel every which way, however others stay always in light of the fact that they underscore the incredible parts of a lady’s body.

This is the story with all Push up pants. They have turned into the exemplary pair of pants that each lady ought to have in their storeroom since it’s a pattern that never bites the dust.

Why? Since womanly shapes never pass on, just as attractive. Hot never kicks the bucket.

#3 Colombian Jeans are Perfectly Suited for Every Shape and Size

It’s such a great amount of simpler to locate an incredible pair of Colombian pants since they come in various shapes and sizes to fit the a thin shape just as a plus size lady and bring the best of them into the light. They are bad on slim ladies just, they are an ideal decision for any lady,

regardless of her shapes, size and number. The reason is basic. Colombian pants are exceptionally structured and sewed to draw out the best in each base, thigh and waistline. Counting yours!

It is dependably an extraordinary time to analyze your design determinations and a lady can never have a 100% complete closet accumulation with such huge numbers of new styles to choose and blend from.

Numerous online stores out there have mass determinations which make it hard to locate a decent pair of Colombian pants however a couple have premium choices at moderate costs, as Fierce Berry for instance with the maxim “Be blazing, be strong, be furious” it just requests that you challenge your style

choices with a red hot, intense and wild turn found at Fifth Degree jeans collection. So pick one of these extraordinary Colombian pants today and get inventive!.

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Start enjoying enhancing your beauty